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The first recordings of the band Ceres.


released July 9, 2012

Tom Lanyon - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Rhys Vleugel - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Grant 'GY' Young - Bass, Backing Vocals
Frank Morda - Drums, Backing Vocals

Recorded, Mixed and Loved by Stu Watts


all rights reserved



CERES Melbourne, Australia

Born, bred and dead in Melbourne.


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Track Name: Ever Wear Away
I used to feel empty when I thought of you,
Now I just feel guilty for the plaster in your bathroom,
You believe me right?

That house on that hill is a tomb, I swear,
Does he know that your room with the view is,
Only your favourite when summer's at Birdsland
And I'm bleeding out my mouth?
It's just like you said,
Only now I forget

I'll wait and I'll wait and I'll scream 'Oh well,
Next time I'll think of something to say'
But it's ink on a page that ruins me,
Tell them this feeling won't ever wear away

It's Carlton in winter when you think of me,
You "shouldn't have bothered" but you
Miss me when you're drinking
You believe me right?
You believe me right?
It's just like you said

I don't know what you want,
I don't know what you need,
But it ain't me
You believe me right?
Track Name: Pomegranate
Well it's not enough: a new queen bed, a new home town
It's not enough that you are up when I am down

Just out of Richmond, out in those warming Northern Suburbs
I swear that I can feel you

And out in the Wasteland, out in those rotting Northern Suburbs
Your hand's in his hand and I am, I am…

I am up when you are down, Hallelujah

It's not enough! Well, It's not enough!
Well, it's not enough,
'I know that you said it'
Shrug your shoulders and
'Come on, get it out'
It's not enough that you are up when I am…

It's never ever enough to see how bad I am...

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